• American Legacy Quilting Frame 5560-G

    The art of quilting, an American tradition since pre-colonial days, has grown tremendously popular. The Edmunds line of quilting frames were developed from the design of authentic colonial quilting frames. The sturdiness and durability of Early American frames are blended with the convenient features most requested by today’s quilters. Light-weight and portable, Edmunds frames transport easily. Solid hardwood rods hold your quilt tight and wrinkle free, and there is no need to set aside a large area of your home for long periods of time. Our frames’ unique construction allow you to set up quickly and take down just as fast for storage.

    • This is a Traditional Full Size Quilt Frame 5560-G Fashioned After Frames From the Past.

    • Perfect for the Single Quilter or a Group

    • Frame Adjusts From Baby Quilt Size 24″ x 45″ up to Full Quilt Size 24″ x 90″

    • Your Work Area Adjusts for Height and Angle so You Can Always Quilt in Comfort

    • Quilt Rods Detach From the Frame so You Can Fold Up Your Quilt for Easy Storage

    • Solid Hardwood Construction Which is Sturdy and Very Stable

    • An Extension Kit is available which allows you to make King Size Quilts. 5561-G

  • F.A. Edmunds Quilting Hoops

    Solid hardwood hoops with wood block closures and a long 4″ tension bolt that holds your work tight and wrinkle free. Edmunds’ hoops are available in the following popular sizes and shapes:

    Click Here for Everything you always wanted to know about Quilting Hoops.

    • 5915 Oval Hoop 9″ x 15″

    • 5595 Oval Hoop 16″ x 27″

    • 5588 Round Hoop 12″

    • 5596 Round Hoop 14″

    • 5589 Round Hoop 16″

    • 5597 Round Hoop 18″

    • 5910 10″ Border Half Hoop

    • 5916 16″ Border Half Hoop

  • Solid Beech Quilting Hoops

    F.A. Edmunds beech Quilt Hoops are made of fine polished beechwood. These hoops have a solid wood blocks that you tighten to hold you project in place. These hoops are 1″ high, lightweight and very smooth.

  • Oval Hoop with Stand 5590

    The popular Oval Hoop with Stand (#5590) is perfect for many types of hand quilting projects. This 31″ floor stand holds a 16″ x 27″ hardwood hoop with wood block closure and a long 4″ tension bolt to keep your quilt taut and wrinkle free. The hoop tilts to a comfortable, hands-free working position or can be easily detached from the floor frame for lap quilting.

  • Quilter’s Wonder! 2645

    Made in the USA

    18″ Adjustable, Rotating Quilting Hoop with Stand.

    This hoop rotates and tilts a full 360 degrees on its stable, height adjustable base. The large three pronged knobs make adjustments easy, while allowing you complete access to the sides and bottom of your quilt. The Quilters Wonder! stands up to 37.5″ high so you can comfortably quilt in a chair. Lightweight, stable and portable, it also folds down to 16″ for storage.

  • The Stitch Master 6116

    Made in the USA

    We have combined our Quilter’s Wonder and our Stitcher’s Wonder frames to create the Stitch Master! This floor standing frame will hold Stretcher Bars, Quilt Hoops (round or oval) and Scroll Frames. It even works with our competitors frames. The stand will adjust from 8″ to as wide as 27″ and the universal clamps on each end will hold almost any frame. The base adjusts from 16″ to as tall as 37.5″. Frames Not Included.